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Bone Cancer: Primary Bone Cancers and Bone Metastases

Tác giả: Heymann, Dominique

Chủ đề:

Chủ đề: Medicine; Cancer; Bone Cancer

Nhà xuất bản: Academic Press Inc

Năm xuất bản: 2014

Loại tài liệu: Book

Mô tả vật lý: 674 p.

Định danh: 978-0-12-416721-6

Ngôn ngữ: en

 Đọc trực tuyến

 Tải tài liệu
Bone Cancer, 2nd Edition comprehensively investigates key discoveries in the field of bone biology over the last five years that have led to the development of entirely new areas for investigation, such as therapies which combine surgery and biological approaches. The Second Edition expands on the original overview of bone cancer development (physiology and pathophysiology), with key chapters from the first edition, and offers numerous new chapters describing the new concepts of bone cancer biology and therapy, for both primary bone tumors as well as bone metastases. Each chapter has been written by internationally recognized specialists on the bone cancer microenvironment, bone metastases, osteoclast biology in bone cancer, proteomics, bone niche, circulating tumor cells, and clinical trials

  • Cover
  • Half-Title pages
  • Title Pages
  • Copyright
  • List of Contributors
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Epidemiology of primary bone tumors and economical aspects of bone metastases
  • Tumor…bone interactions: there is no place like bone
  • Stem cell niches in the bone…bone marrow organ and their significance for hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cancer
  • Deregulation of osteoblast differentiation in primary bone cancers
  • Contribution of osteoclasts to the bone…tumor niche
  • Involvement of osteocytes in cancer bone niche
  • Role of mesenchymal stem cells in bone cancer; initiation, propagation and metastasis
  • Gap junction in bone remodeling and in primary bone tumors: osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma
  • Macrophages and pathophysiology of bone cancers
  • Cytokines and bone cancers
  • Technical aspects: how do we best prepare bone samples for proper histological analysis?
  • Bone remodeling markers and bone cancer
  • Cancer stem cells in representative bone tumors: osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma and metastases from breast and prostate carcinomas
  • Homeobox genes from the Dlx family and bone cancers
  • MicroRNA implication in therapeutic resistance and metastatic dissemination of bone-associated tumors
  • Hypoxia and angiogenesis: from primary tumor to bone metastasis
  • Modeling osteosarcoma: in vitro and in vivo approaches
  • Stemness markers of osteosarcoma
  • Molecular pathology of osteosarcoma
  • Gene and proteomic profiling of osteosarcoma
  • Ewing sarcoma family of tumors
  • Biology of Ewing sarcoma
  • Osteoclast-rich lesions of bone: a clinical and molecular overview
  • Markers for bone sarcomas
  • Margins and bone tumors … what are we talking about?
  • Cytogenetics of bone tumors
  • Genetic aspects of bone tumors
  • Genetic aspects of bone tumors
  • Cytogenetic and molecular genetic alterations in bone tumors
  • Genetics of giant cell tumors of bone
  • Mammalian models of bone sarcomas
  • Zebrafish mdels for studying bone cancers: mutants, transgenic fish and embryo
  • Imaging of bone sarcomas
  • New therapeutic targets in Ewing sarcoma: from pre-clinical proof-of-concept to clinical trials
  • Therapeutic approaches for bone sarcomas
  • Chondrosarcoma of bone: diagnosis and therapy
  • Apoptosis and drug resistance in malignant bone tumors
  • Giant cell tumors of bone
  • EMT process in bone metastasis
  • Histopathology of skeletal metastases
  • Disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow of cancer patients
  • MicroRNA-mediated regulation of bone metastasis formation: from primary tumors to skeleton
  • Myeloma and osteoclast relationship
  • In vivo models used in studies of bone metastases
  • Interventional radiologic techniques in management of bone tumors
  • Diagnosis of bone metastases in urological malignancies … an update
  • Pre-clinical molecular imaging of the seed and the soilŽ in bone metastasis
  • Bone cancer: current opinion in palliative care
  • Involvement of sympathetic nerves in bone metastasis
  • Pain control with palliative radiotherapy in patients with bone metastases
  • Cellular and molecular actions of bisphosphonates
  • The use of nitrogen-bisphosphonates to capture the potent anti-tumor arsenal of human peripheral blood gd T cells for the treatment of bone cancer metastasis
  • Systemic treatment of bone metastases in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC): pre-clinical to clinical point of view
  • A multi-targeted approach to treating bone metastases
  • Bone metastases in prostate cancer: pathophysiology, clinical complications, actual treatment, and future directions
  • Bone-targeted agents and skeletal-related events in breast cancer patients with bone metastases
  • Bone metastases … current status of bone-targeted treatments
  • Bone metastases, clinical trials II: zoledronic acid and denosumab in the prevention of bone metastases
  • Index

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