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Imaging for Plastic Surgery.

Tác giả: Saba, Luca; Rozen, Warren M.; Alonso-Burgos, Alberto; Ribuffo, Diego

Chủ đề: Medicine; Plastic Surgery; Medical imaging

Nhà xuất bản: Taylor & Francis

Năm xuất bản: 2015

Loại tài liệu: Book

Mô tả vật lý: 853 p.

Định danh: 978-1-4665-5112-1

Ngôn ngữ: en

 Đọc trực tuyến

 Tải tài liệu
Preoperative imaging is increasingly being adopted for preoperative planning in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Accurate preoperative analysis can reduce the length of operations and maximize surgical design and dissection techniques. Imaging for Plastic Surgery covers the techniques, applications, and potentialities of medical imaging technology in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Presenting state-of-the-art research on evolving imaging modalities, this cutting-edge text: - Provides a practical introduction to imaging modalities that can be used during preoperative planning; - Addresses imaging principles of the face, head, neck, breast, trunk, and extremities; - Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of all available imaging modalities; - Demonstrates the added value of imaging in different clinical scenarios. Comprised of contributions from world-class experts in the field, Imaging for Plastic Surgery is an essential imaging resource for surgeons, radiologists, and patient care professionals.

  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Copyright â 2015; Taylor & Francis
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Editors
  • Contributors
  • 1 Computed Tomography
  • 2 MRI Physics Principles
  • 3 Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • 4 Nuclear Medicine
  • 5 Mammography
  • 6 PET-CT in Oncology
  • 7 Sentinel Node Biopsy
  • 8 Free Flap Revascularisation Process
  • 9 Application of Virtual3D Plastic Surgery
  • 10 Digital Thermographic Photography for Preoperative Perforator Mapping
  • 11 Stereotactic Image-Guided Surgery
  • 12 Lymphatics
  • 13 Vascular Anomalies in Children
  • 14 Imaging and Surgical Principles for Maxillary Reconstruction
  • 15 Imaging for Jaw Reconstruction
  • 16 Imaging in Surgical Strategies for Facial Reconstruction
  • 17 Imaging and SurgicalStrategies for Cutaneous Neoplasm of the Scalp
  • 18 Surgical Strategies andImaging for Regional Flaps in the Head and Neck
  • 19 Imaging for Recipient Vesselsof the Head and Neck for Microvascular Transplantation
  • 20 Imaging and Surgical Principles for TRAM (pTRAM) Flap
  • 21 Angio-CT Imaging of Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery andDeep Superior Epigastric Artery Perforators
  • 22 MR Imaging of DeepInferior Epigastric Arteryand Deep Superior Epigastric Artery Perforators
  • 23 Surgical Principles of DeepInferior Epigastric Artery andDeep Superior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap
  • 24 Imaging and Surgical Principlesof the Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery Flap
  • 25 Surgical Principles and Breast Imaging and Monitoring afterAutologous Fat Transfer
  • 26 Surgical Principles andImaging of Breast Implants and Their Follow-Up
  • 27 Lymphatic Imagingof the Breast Evolving Technologies and the Future
  • 28 Breast Imaging for Aestheticand Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • 29 Imaging for Incisional Median Abdominal Wall Hernias
  • 30 Imaging and Surgical Principles of Perforator Flaps of the Trunk
  • 31 Phalloplasty in Female-to-Male Sex Reassignment Surgery
  • 32 Imaging and SurgicalPrinciples of the Gluteal Arteries and Perforator Flaps
  • 33 Imaging and SurgicalPrinciples of Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap
  • 34 Imaging and SurgicalPrinciples of Anteromedial Thigh Perforator Flaps
  • 35 Imaging and Surgical Principles for Tensor Fascia Lata Flap
  • 37 Imaging and Surgical Principlesof the Propeller and Perforator Flaps of the Lower Limb
  • 38 Lymphoscintigraphy for Extremities Oedemas andfor Sentinel Lymph NodeMapping in Cutaneous Melanomas of the Torso
  • 39 Nuclear Medicine as anAid to Minimally InvasiveSurgery, with Emphasis onHybrid SPECT/CT Imaging
  • 40 Preoperative Imaging for Reconstruction of the Lower Extremities
  • 41 Imaging and Surgical Principles in Hand Surgery
  • 42 Imaging and SurgicalPrinciples of Osteomyelitis and Pressure Ulcers
  • 43 Image Guided 3D Printingand Haptic Modelling in Plastic Surgery
  • Index

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