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Chi tiết tài liệu

Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2015

Tác giả: Chen, Yen-Wei; Torro, Carlos; Tanaka, Satoshi; Howlett, Robert J.; Jain, Lakhmi C.

Chủ đề: Medicine; Healthcare

Nhà xuất bản: Springer

Năm xuất bản: 2015

Loại tài liệu: Book

Mô tả vật lý: 580 p.

Định danh: 978-3-319-23024-5

Ngôn ngữ: en

Liên kết: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies;Book 45

 Đọc trực tuyến
Innovation in medicine and healthcare is an interdisciplinary research area, which combines the advanced technologies and problem solving skills with medical and biological science. A central theme of this proceedings is Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems (modern intelligent systems for medicine and healthcare), which can provide efficient and accurate solution to problems faced by healthcare and medical practitioners today by using advanced information communication techniques, computational intelligence, mathematics, robotics and other advanced technologies. The techniques developed in this area will have a significant effect on future medicine and healthcare.

  • Cover
  • Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Preface
  • InMed 2015 Organization
  • Contents
  • Part I Emerging Research Leaders of Medical Informatics in KANSAI Area
  • 1 Prediction of Clinical Practices by Clinical Data of the Previous Day Using Linear Support Vector Machine
  • 2 Method for Detecting Drug-Induced Interstitial Pneumonia from Accumulated Medical Record Data at a Hospital
  • 3 Visualization and Quantitative Analysis of Nursing Staff Trajectories Based on a Location System
  • 4 A Web-Based Stroke Education Application for Older Elementary Schoolchildren Focusing on the FAST Message
  • Part II Biomedical Engineering, Trends, Research and Technologies
  • A Review of Mobile Apps for Improving Quality of Life of Asthmatic and People with Allergies
  • 6 Physical Implementation of a Customisable System to Assist a User with Mobility Problems
  • 7 Mobile Applications in Health, Competitive Advantage in the State of Baja California Mexico
  • 8 Mental Activation of Seniors Incorporating ICT in Their Daily Lives
  • 9 Quality of Life and Active Aging Through Educational Gerontology in Information Technology and Communication
  • 10 Simulation of Cervical Cord Compression Using Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Part III Management for Healthcare
  • 11 A Study of Older People's Socializing Form with Others: Comparative Analysis of ``Living Alone'' and ``Living with a Spouse'' Using Quantification Theory Type II
  • Analysis of Japanese Health using Fuzzy Principal Component Analysis
  • 13 Analysis of Time-Series Data Using the Rough Set
  • 14 Study on Multi-Period Transportation Problem Considering Opportunity Loss and Inventory
  • 15 Diagnosis of ECG Data for Detecting Cardiac Disorder Using DP-Matching and Artificial Neural Network
  • 16 Smart Technology for a Smarter Patient: Sketching the Patient 2.0 Profile
  • 17 Construction and Evaluation of Bayesian Networks Related to the Specific Health Checkup and Guidance on Metabolic Syndrome
  • 18 Medical Care Delivery at the XXVII World Summer Universiade Kazan 2013
  • Part IV Advanced ICT for Medical and Healthcare
  • Coccurrence Statistics of Local Ternary Patterns for HEp-2 Cell Classification
  • 20 Combined Density, Texture and Shape Features of Multi-phase Contrast-Enhanced CT Images for CBIR of Focal Liver Lesions: A Preliminary Study
  • 21 Supporting Nurses' Work and Improving Medical Safety Using a Sensor Network System in Hospitals
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Analysis According to Surgical Process in Laparoscopic Surgery Training
  • 23 An Improvement of Surgical Phase Detection Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Hidden Markov Model
  • Implementing a Human-Behavior-Process Archive and Search Database System Using Simulated Surgery Processes
  • 25 Unobtrusive Sensing of Human Vital Functions by a Sensory Unit in the Refrigerator Door Handle
  • Measurement of 3-D Workspace of Thumb Tip with RGB-D Sensor for Quantitative Rehabilitation
  • 27 Automatic Segmentation Method for Kidney Using Dual Direction Adaptive Diffusion Flow
  • 28 Automatic Registration of Deformable Organs in Medical Volume Data by Exhaustive Search
  • Part V Simulation and Visualisation/ VR for Medicine
  • 29 GPU Acceleration of Monte Carlo Simulation at the Cellular and DNA Levels
  • 30 A Study on Corotated Nonlinear Deformation Model for Simulating Soft Tissue Under Large Deformation
  • Remote Transparent Visualization of Surface-Volume Fused Data to Support Network-Based Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation
  • Study of Surgical Simulation of Flatfoot Using a Finite Element Model
  • 33 A Study of Meditation Effectiveness for Virtual Reality Based Stress Therapy Using EEG Measurement and Questionnaire Approaches
  • Part VI Statistical Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Late Onset Bipolar Disorder Versus Alzheimer Disease
  • Short-term Prediction of MCI to AD Conversion Based on Longitudinal MRI Analysis and Neuropsychological Tests
  • Ensemble Tree Learning Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis
  • Part VII Smart Medical and Healthcare System 2015 Workshop
  • 37 Integrating Electronic Health Records in Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • An Ad-Hoc Image Segmentation of Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissue from Abdomino-Pelvic Magnetic Resonance Images
  • Automated Segmentation of Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissues from MRI
  • 40 Enabling a Smart and Distributed Communication Infrastructure in Healthcare
  • 41 Ultrasound Image Dataset for Image Analysis Algorithms Evaluation
  • Approaches of Phase Lag Index to EEG Signals in Alzheimer's Disease from Complex Network Analysis
  • Part VIII Healthcare Support System
  • A Benchmark on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Automatic Chronic Respiratory Diseases Risk Classification
  • Toward Non-invasive Polysomnograms Through the Study of Electroencephalographic Signal Correlation for Remotely Monitored Cloud-Based Systems
  • 45 Work with Iodine-125: 8 Years Experience in Brachy-Therapy Sources Production Lab
  • Comprehensible Video Acquisition for Caregiving Scenes---How Multimedia Can Support Caregiver Training
  • 47 Care at the End of Life: Design Priorities for People with Dementia
  • 48 A Wireless and Autonomous Sensing System for Monitoring of Chronic Wounds in Healthcare
  • 49 Maturity Models for Hospital Information Systems Management: Are They Mature?
  • Why Cannot Control Your Smartphones by Thinking? Hands-Free Information Control System Based on EEG
  • 51 Comparative Analysis of Retinal Fundus Images with the Distant Past Images Using a Vessel Extraction Technique
  • Interactive Segmentation of Pancreases from Abdominal CT Images by Use of the Graph Cut Technique with Probabilistic Atlases
  • 53 Validation of Knot-Tying Motion by Temporal-Spatial Matching with RGB-D Sensor for Surgical Training
  • Author Index

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