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Oral and maxillofacial medicine: The basis of diagnosis and treatment; Second edition

Tác giả: Scully, Crispian

Chủ đề: Dentistry. Oral Surgery -- Diseases. Injuries. Technology. Therapeutics -- Examination. Diagnosis. Diagnostic methods (General). Monitoring

Tiêu đề đề mục: Diagnosis

Tiêu đề đề mục: Medicine

Tiêu đề đề mục: Mouth diseases

Tiêu đề đề mục: Treatment

Nhà xuất bản: Elsevier Limited

Năm xuất bản: 2008

Loại tài liệu: Book

Mô tả vật lý: 382 p.

Định danh: 9780-4-43-06818-8

Ngôn ngữ: en

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Avoiding excessive detail, the prize-winning book offers sound guidance on the whole range of common and potentially serious disorders that are routinely encountered in clinical practice. It places a strong emphasis on practical issues with a clear ‘how to’ approach and easy access to information via the liberal use of artworks, tables, colour photographs, patient care pathways and chapter summary boxes. Completely revised and updated, with additional text and illustrations, this volume is ideal for senior dental students, dental practitioners and for trainees and practitioners in oral medicine, surgery and pathology in particular. An accessible account of the basics of oral and maxillofacial medicine from one of the best-selling dental authors world-wide. Explores common presenting complaints such as cervical lymphadenopathy, lumps and swellings, soreness and ulceration. Highlights the conditions which are most important - whether because of frequency, or potential seriousness e.g. aphthae, denture-induced stomatitis, temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndrome and oral cancer. Presents key information in a templated, easily-readable, practical manner - ideal for the busy clinical environment
Contains clear guidance on how to talk with patients and their relatives and provides sample patient advice information. New chapters on sialorrhoea, drooling and adverse drug reactions. Revised page design with liberal use of bullet points, algorithms, tables and summary boxes - all with new colour photography - for easy access to information. Increased number of diagnostic algorithms to help build diagnostic skills. Summary boxes at the end of each section further facilitate rapid-access to information and aid retention of key facts.

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